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I'm musical fan, and for a long time I've tried make my collection bigger. I didn't sell anything, but sometimes people who wrote to me didn't have collections, but they really want have some recording. So, I created this website. If you are interesting in any recording of my collection, tell me, and I can sell this.
If you are interesting in trading, just write me an e-mail:
You can write to me in English or Polish.

I usually check my mail at least once a day, so I will notice and probably answer your mail quickly, but I don't have always time to answer immediately, so please, be patient. However, if I won't answer you within a week, feel free to send mail again. 

Even if last updating was long ago, I definitely still trade.

Now I don't trade via snail mail - only uploading.

Price: 1 disc = 2,5 euros/3 dollars/2 pounds

1 limited trade disc = 3 euros/ 4 dollars/ 2,5 pounds

Please, notice: 1 disc, not 1 recording. So if video is described as "2 dvds", you'll pay 5 euros.

If recording is in different format than vob, it always cost 2,5 euros, even if is described as "3 avis", "2 mp4" or something like that.

Please, don't cheat; I'm honest person, always play fair and want other people to do so. Usually I ask about half of payment before uploading and rest when I'll give you links. I must have  payment on account. Or if you want you can pay for all at once. For now I only use PayPal, it's simple and quite safe for seller and buyer. But you can also choose simply bank transfer.

If you want pay in other currency, tell me - usually this is not a problem. 

I pack all files in .rar - if you don't want it, tell me, I can upload it again in just vobs, but it takes a little longer.

I'm (or I try ;)) really nice and flexible person, so, please, write with any question. 
(PS I know my English isn't perfect, sorry :))